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LLM International Human Rights Law (distance learning) Reasons to study International Human Rights Law at DMU: This course is suitable for: solicitors and barristers in private practice and in-house; activists.

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Thesis - Wikipedia A thesis or dissertation is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the author's.

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International Business Law (Distance Learning) | City. International Banking and Finance Law LLM Distance Learning course - Develop your specialist legal knowledge in international banking and finance law.

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Graduate course guides 2018 - London School of Economics DV; DV400 Development: History, Theory and Policy. DV407 Poverty. DV410 Research Design and Dissertation in International Development. DV411 Population and.

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International Law - LLM - Anglia Ruskin University Master the theory and practice of international law, both private and public. Develop advanced analytic and research skills for professional practice and.

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LLM Law - International Law and International Rel | Study. The University of Bristol LLM in International Law and International Relations is an exciting programme for students looking to pursue a career in.

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Law Dissertation Topics & Ideas Law Teacher have prepared a number of Law Dissertation Topic Examples to help you create a dissertation topic of your own.

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